Your sponsoring and our commitments

The sponsoring introduction can be downloaded here.

In order to be part of the race, we need your support. This one may result in :

  • → A partnership in kind with covering of some fees in areas linked to your field of activity :
    • o Supplies for the refit of the boat and other equipment,
    • o Stewardship and specific food for the crossing,
    • o Marine clothing for the team,
    • o Transportation fees for the team and the boat.
  • → A financial partnership: we offer below 4 types of sponsor packages to stick to your desired engagement.
    Any alternative proposal is of course possible (indicative price for stickers: 4 € / cm²).

Bronze category (budget up to 2 500 €) :

  • → Sticker 25x25cm stamped on the sides of the boat below handrails,
  • → Logo on all of our paper documents, website, and in the film of the adventure,
  • → The film of the adventure offered on DVD.

Silver category (budget 5 000 €) :

  • → All the benefits of the bronze category with a 35X35 cm sticker stamped on the sides of the boat, on the upper part,
  • plus

  • → A dedicated interview on the website,
  • → A photo with exclusive company logo during the crossing.

Gold category(budget 10 000 €) :

  • → All the benefits of the silver category with a great 50×35 cm sticker stamped on the sides of the boat,
  • plus

  • → your logo on T-shirts and jackets of the skipper,
  • → A dedicated interview with picture on the website,
  • → Distribution of goodies provided by the partner during various exhibitions of the boat,
  • → Live sea communications during the crossing (once every two weeks),
  • → Lending of the boat for your own events, e.g. team building (depending on availability inherent to the preparation of the race).

Platinium category(budget 20 000 €) :

  • → All the benefits of the gold category with a giant 100×50 cm sticker stamped on the sides of the boat,
  • plus

  • → A dedicated interview in the film of the adventure displayed in cinemas and DVD,
  • → Live sea communications during the crossing (once per week),
  • → A video with exclusive company logo during the crossing,
  • → A meeting with students class in the frame of educational projects.

The benefits for your business : exposure and reputation

Becoming a partner of the adventure means associating your brand/company with an image of performance, dynamism, adventure, solidarity and ecology linked to this unique race.
Being an integral part of the project, your business will stand out in a new field associated with current values: ocean rowing, popular discipline, clean, respectful of nature and marine environment.
Accompany the boat and its skipper during this fabulous journey also means contributing to the development of French Guiana, with an image resolutely turned towards the future and technology (space in particular).
Depending on the chosen package, you will benefit from privileged and dedicated media exposure, enhancing your reputation.
Back at the office, far from the sea, your entire team can engage with this exciting project, an event whose values revolve around teamwork and dedication. Every employee can feel part of the adventure!

Tax deduction in France

Finally, companies located in France can benefit from tax deductions, considering sponsorship expenses dedicated to support or association in the field of educational, scientific, sports, or contributing to the defense of the environment as described in Article 238 bis of the “Code Général des Impôts” (French Tax Code).